​F E E   S T R U C T U R E 2020 


Application Fee payable for all applications made after 1 August 2019

Application Fee: E 200.00 per application


This is a non-refundable fee, for application purposes only, regardless of whether the child is accepted or not.


For New Accepted Students (Applicable to new students after 1 August 2019)

Registration Levy:  E5 000.00

Registration Fee and the Deposit for International Fee paying students is a once off, non-refundable payment.
Both the Registration Fee and the Deposit need to be paid in advance to secure the child’s place at the school.


Tuition Fees for Students Whose Fees are Primarily Covered by the UN/Embassies and Global NGOs


Total per Term for Lower Elementary:    E17 490.00

Total per Term for Upper Elementary:    E17 490.00
                                                                         E     800.00 Yearly Exam Fee to be paid in Term 1 (not optional)

                                                                         E17 990.00

Monthly (x11)

E 4 770.00

Fees must be paid on or before the 7th of each month. Jan-Nov (11 months)

Plus E800.00 Yearly Exam Fee to be paid in Term 1 for Grades 4-7 students

Per Term (x3)

E17 490.00

Fees must be paid within the first week of each term.

Plus E800.00 Yearly Exam Fee to be paid in Term 1 for Grades 4-7 students


E52 470 - discount E500 = E51 970

A discount of E500 will be provided if fees are paid before the start of the school year or within the first week of the first term.

Plus E800.00 Yearly Exam Fee to be paid in Term 1 for Grades 4-7 students

The following payment options are available:

  1. Cheque payment. If paying with a post-dated cheque, it must be dated the 5th of every month if paying monthly. Cheques are to be made out to: Montessori Life Primary.

  2. Electronic payments using your child’s name as reference.

  3. Cash payments are to be paid directly into the bank account with the reference as ‘school fees’ for which there is no bank charge. NO CASH FOR PAYMENTS OF SCHOOL FEES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE SCHOOL FOR SECURITY REASONS.

EFT payment is preferred. Please supply proof of payment for all payments made - EMAIL: montessori.life.bursar@gmail.com 

Receipts will only be issued after receiving proof of payment.

All foreign currency payments are to be at the cost of the payee.

Banking Details:
Montessori Life Primary
Current Account: 9110001575824
Standard Bank, Manzini Branch: 660564
Swift Code: SBICSZMX


Late Payments:

  1. Interest at prime plus 5% may be charged on any overdue accounts.

  2. The school may refuse admission and / or attendance to the child should fees and charges not be paid by the first week of each term.

  3. In the event of there being outstanding monies at the end of any term, the School shall have the unfettered right to withhold the results and any certificates of the child until full payment of outstanding monies has been made.

Transport Fees

Transport fees are separate. Please contact the office should your child need to use the school bus service (spaces are limited)


School fees do not include the provision of stationery. Please provide your child with the stationery as set out in the lists below.

School Uniform

School uniform is to be bought at Cooper Centre (Raxsonic T/A Top2toe).

French Book and School Diary are available at the school office.

Learning Support (Occupational Therapy)

Fees will be added as applicable.