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​F E E   P A Y M E N T  O P T I O N S

All foreign currency payments are to be at the cost of the payee.

Banking Details:
Montessori Life Primary
Current Account: 9110001575824
Standard Bank, Manzini Branch: 660564
Swift Code: SBICSZMX


Late Payments:

  1. Interest at prime plus 5% may be charged on any overdue accounts.

  2. The school may refuse admission and / or attendance to the child should fees and charges not be paid by the first week of each term.

  3. In the event of there being outstanding monies at the end of any term, the School shall have the unfettered right to withhold the results and any certificates of the child until full payment of outstanding monies has been made.

Transport Fees
Transport fees are separate. Please see the office should you be interested in this service.


School fees do not include the provision of stationery. Please provide your child with the stationery as set out by the school.​


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